The Solubility Company Joins the Battle Against COVID-19

Press Release 12.03.2020 12:00


The Solubility Company offers free-of-charge solubility measurements for development of therapeutics to combat COVID-19.  “We at The Solubility Company are committed to making our contribution to the global fight against COVID-19. If you are a developer of new small-molecule or peptide therapeutics targeted against COVID-19 and need solubility measurements, please contact us. We will offer free-of-charge solubility measurements for this purpose as much as our capacity allows.

​Our unique SPA Method is particularly well suited for accurate solubility screening from minuscule amounts of solid sample, making it an optimal tool for rapid acquisition of vital solubility data for new drugs.”

-Sami Svanbäck, CEO, The Solubility Company


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