New White Paper – SPA™ Dissolution Rate Assay

Following on from our well received eChalk by our CEO Sami Svanbäck hosted by the AAPS we are excited to release our new White Paper on SPA™ Dissolution Rate Assays, click here to download.

Solubility and Dissolution Rate are crucial measures of a lead candidate’s developability. Dissolution rate measured as the intrinsic dissolution rate (IDR) traditionally requires several grams of material, whereas more recent miniaturized technologies have reduced the material consumption to the sub gram scale. Despite these advancements sample consumption is still a limiting factor for acquiring crucial Dissolution Rate information for lead series compounds with the amounts of available material in early drug development.

Using SPA™ Dissolution Rate measurement services, IDR data can be generated in USP or Biorelevant Dissolution Media with only 100 µg of material, bringing real-world data to the assistance of early-stage discovery and development efforts!

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