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The Solubility Company Oy, a leading contract research laboratory located in Helsinki, Finland announced today that it has become a member of’s VIP Program. Only laboratories that achieve the highest customer satisfaction rating and that commit to maintaining superior customer service are invited to join the program. blends the safety and security of pre-negotiated legal contracts helping both The Solubility Company and its clients work at the pace they need. This allows clients access to our chemistry-agonistic measurements that can be reported within 24 hours of the sample arriving at our laboratory. Utilising the speed of both the platform and our unique and proprietary SPA™ technology, our responsive team can agree a project and report within a matter of days.

We offer a range of solubility and physicochemical measurement services based on the proprietary SPA™ Method, requiring less than 100 micrograms of sample per assay:

  • thermodynamic/apparent/intrinsic solubility in buffer solutions, physiological solutions and organic solvents
  • higher level physicochemical pKa, logP, logD, pHmax and Ksp determined from multiple SPA™ solubility readings

with the added benefit of blinded measurement, without requirement of proprietary chemical structure information.


About The Solubility Company Oy

The Solubility Company Oy is a trusted contract research organization, focusing on solubility measurement services for pharmaceutical companies, based on its proprietary image-based SPA™ (Single Particle Analysis) Method. The SPA™ Method brings the benefit of minimal sample consumption combined with speed and accuracy to the pharmaceutical development and to the benefit of the patients. The SPA™ Method is a patented proprietary technology of the company, based on over seven years of research. The Solubility Company’s service laboratory located in Helsinki, Finland serves customers around the world.


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