Research smarter,

deliver earlier.


Sample amounts of less than 100
µg per measurement.

Reliable & Fast

'Gold standard' comparable results
obtained in less than an hour.


Measurements do not require
knowledge of chemical structure.

– Optimized for early-stage development

Our technology is valued by:

The SPA™ Method

Single Particle Analysis (SPA),
image-based rapid and reliable solubility screening.

Minuscule sample
size <100 µg

High content

Intelligent algorithms & analysis

The SPA™ Method assists early-stage decision-making by providing crucial, and previously unattainable, information about substances in development.

Combining low sample consumption with speed and accuracy, the SPA™ Method offers a completely new way to address the central challenges of drug development: expense and duration.

The single particle analysis, SPA™ Method is the world’s first method for rapidly and accurately measuring solubility from very small amounts of solid substance. Through the innovative combination of optics, fluidics, machine vision and intelligent algorithms, the SPA™ Method measures the solubility and related physicochemical parameters of practically any solid sample in practically any transparent solvent.

SPA™ Method Benefits

Kinetic solubility

µg amounts / assay

The SPA™ Method

µg amounts / assay

Equilibrium solubility

mg amounts / assay


We offer a range of physicochemical measurement services based on the proprietary SPA™ method:​​

​in buffer solutions, physiological solutions, and organic solvents

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