The Solubility Company and Vironova Medical join forces for anti-viral therapy against COVID-19

Swedish and Finnish joint effort in development of Covid-19 therapy:

Vironova Medical AB accelerates development of anti-viral therapy against COVID-19 by getting solubility measurements from The Solubility Company Oy

Helsinki July 9, 2020. Innovative Swedish drug development company Vironova Medical, specializing in anti-viral therapies, and The Solubility Company, a Helsinki-based startup, reported today of their collaboration in the combat against SARS-CoV-2. As time is of essence in development of new therapies against SARS-CoV-2, the new molecules are now tested by using the Finnish company’s patented, rapid solubility measurement solution.

“Vironova Medical specialize in research of anti-viral drugs. This collaboration with The Solubility Company gives us an important tool for accelerating our development process, at a very early stage” says Dr. Eva O’Keeffe, Chief Scientific Officer at Vironova Medical.

“We are excited about working with Vironova Medical to get a therapy to the market as soon as possible” says Dr. Sami Svanbäck, founder and CEO of The Solubility Company. “This sure is about a commercial race but more than that, it is also about doing the right thing and making our contribution in the global fight against COVID-19”, he continues.

About Vironova Medical:

Vironova Medical is a spin-out from Vironova, focusing on development of antiviral drugs. The portfolio consists of patented antiviral compounds and a chemical process technology for thionation, which was used when developing novel anti-SARS CoV-2 drugs. Vironova Medical is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

About The Solubility Company:

The Solubility Company Oy is a contract research organization, focusing on early-stage solubility measurement services for pharmaceutical companies, based on its proprietary image-based SPA™ (Single Particle Analysis) method. The patented SPA™ technology brings the benefit of minimal sample consumption combined with speed and accuracy to the pharmaceutical development and to the benefit of the patients. The Solubility Company’s service laboratory, located in Helsinki, Finland, serves customers around the world.

More information:

Vironova Medical:

Eva O’Keeffe, CSO


[email protected]

The Solubility Company:

Sami Svanbäck, CEO


[email protected]

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