Seasons Greetings

Wishing all our clients and friends around the world a peaceful festive season and a happy 2023!

SPA™ Assists Formulators

Check out our recent White Paper on SPA™! Rationalised formulation development using less than 1 milligram of API!
Sounding too good to be true? Check out our follow-up White Paper on SPA™ solubility data assisted formulation modelling, a collaborative work between The Solubility Company and amofor!

SPA™ Assisted Modelling

Check out our recent White Paper on SPA™ solubility data assisted modelling, a collaborative work together with another exciting startup amofor!

Updated SPA™ vs ShakeFlask Validation

The extended performance comparison between the SPA™ assay and the industry standard shake-flask assay highlights the benefits of small- scale measurement without sacrificing accuracy.

SPA™ highlighted as an innovative solubility measurement technology addressing the gap at the discovery-development interface.

Researchers at Eli Lilly and Company, AstraZeneca, Novartis, and Pfizer recently highlighted the critical role of solubility measurement in drug discovery and development, addressing the current gap at the discovery-development interface. “Solubility is a key physicochemical property for the success of any drug candidate” but “an artificial boundary can exist at the discovery-development interface”. The […]

Seasons Greetings

All the team at The Solubility Company wishes a Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2022 to all our friends and collaborators around the world! In the past year we have continued to grow with the help of our Clients and Collaborators, whilst redefining solubility analysis with new service offerings and we are looking forward to […]