Developability Profile and pKa from solubility profile using the SPA™ Method

SPA™ Developability Profile Service

Early determination of the actual solubility and pKa values is essential in drug discovery to understand the absorption behaviour of an API and to drive the formulation of the product.  Choose the best development route for your API with less then 1mg of sample, using the SPA™ Method.

Single or Multiple pKas

Real Data for Insilico Models

Solubility and Developability Information

<1 mg Sample Needed

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Why SPA™ Developability Profile?

Solubility and pKa Combined!
Thanks to the unique way the SPA Assay works, less than 1mg of sample will give 10 solubility data points and the pKa profile of your sample.   

pKa information is generated alongside SPA Solubility Data, a powerful insight into the developability of your sample.  

Buffers used
• USP or custom buffers ranging from pH 1.0 up to pH 14.0

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Results are fully reported to the client normally within 10 days of the sample arriving in Helsinki, faster turnarounds are available for time-critical projects.

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